PNTA has established itself as THE  expert in navigating the "uncharted waters" of COVID-era live event production. We are flexible with deposits and capable of seamlessly rolling a virtual event into a hybrid event and back again. We recommend booking early so we can start the complex work that results in highly successful events.

Below are some of the services we provide for our clients.

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ENVISION. PNTA has the experience and expertise to aid clients in bringing their event to life. Using tools like graphic design and 3-D modeling, we can provide clients a realistic idea of what their event will look like months before we walk in the door.


​​​MANAGEMENT. Every show needs a venue! PNTA is fully equipped and capable of managing and maintaining in-house lighting and AV systems. 

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EXPERIENCE. When you partner with PNTA, you gain access to decades of expertise in technical event production, including lighting, A/V, video, rigging and staging.


OUR ARSENAL. Multimedia displays, projector systems, a full range of audio equipment for sound reinforcement and communication… PNTA is guaranteed to have the tools necessary to create an engaging and effective event.

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KNOWLEDGE + CREATIVITY. Our technical know-how and creativity allow us to create a customized package of equipment and services to illuminate nearly any type of event you can imagine. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or are looking for help choosing the right colors and effects, we’re here to help with each step of the production process - from creative planning and conception to the actual operation of equipment for your event.





SAFETY. Rigging is challenging, and PNTA does it well, strictly adhering to industry best practices. We maintain relationships with entertainment  engineering firms to certify the safety of our rigging structures and employ ETCP certified theatrical riggers to oversee our installations. On every project, our experts account for weight distribution, load calculations, wind load ratings and fire safety.

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TOP QUALITY. Drapery makes an elegant addition to any event. So do monogrammed fabrics and lighting. Thankfully, PNTA has an in-house drapery department with decades of professional experience. We can source and fabricate a wide variety of fabrics, including delicate wedding drapery, from our West Seattle workshop, giving you unparalleled choice and savings.​

Interested in permanent drapery installation? Peek at our Systems Integration Division website for more on our permanent drapery options!


STAGING DESIGN. Stages serve as a platform for hosting drama, action and excitement. We’ll work with you to ensure the stage design for your event serves as a perfect complement to the overall experience.

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