Audio Engineer:

Running large format digital/analog audio consoles, wireless systems of more than six channels, line array design/spec/integration/operation, running audio for bands/corporate events/live events. Able to manage a crew for install/tear-down of audio systems of all sizes. 


General onsite work, loading and unloading trucks, pushing boxes, setting up equipment, taping cables, hanging fixtures.


Running a load-in/out on a large show while being responsible for more than one department. Handling client relations. 

Lighting Programmer: 

Programming Hog/EOS or similar consoles. Competent in Artnet, large DMX signal distribution. 

Lighting Designer:

Competent in lighting design for medium to large scale shows-- theatrical, live event, etc. Competent in creating accurate lighting plots. Able to program and/or communicate with programmers for show design. 

Video Playback Tech/Engineer:

Responsible for projections, video walls, or other large video display solutions. Capable of blending, warping, focusing projectors, confident in video signal distribution, able to operate media servers, confident in designing video systems. Knowledgeable of resolutions, aspect rations, etc. May also act as operator. 


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